Sourced from US, made in HK

Our CBD is sourced from the United States of America, from a supplier which is completely vertically integrated. Without a middleman from farming to extraction, the production process is streamlined while avoiding unnecessary markups.

After a comparison with over 50 other suppliers, this particular supplier is chosen because of their purity (crystalline), process (supercritical CO2 extraction), efficacy (the reliability of its effects) and speed (onset of action) of their high-quality CBD.

RLX CBD is also a Hong Kong-based CBD distributor and is currently accepting B2B proposals and partnerships. Feel free to contact us at

Olive Oil

Premium Olive Oil from vomFASS

In collaboration with vomFASS, their lemon-infused olive oil is used in RLX CBD.

The organic olives are farmed sustainably in Italy under the European Union’s Protected Designation of Origin (EU PDO). The olives are then selectively hand-picked in small batches by experienced, small family farms to ensure the best possible quality. Given such stringent standards, mass production is not possible with only a limited quantity available annually. No preservatives or additives are involved from farm-to-table and the oil is kept unfiltered, allowing you to taste real Italian olives in its purest form (similar to the pulp in orange juice). The olive oil is then infused with freshly ripened lemons, which adds to its spectacular smell and flavor, allowing you to taste our CBD with a tangy, citrus twist.

More flavors coming soon!

Check out vomFASS!


  1. Shake bottle gently
  2. Ensure mouth is empty and dry (swallow all pre-existing saliva)
  3. Use dropper to extract a dose of CBD oil from the bottle (1 full dropper = 50mg of CBD, we recommend starting with 25mg)
  4. Administer CBD oil in mouth and use tongue to disperse the CBD oil to the floor of the mouth
  5. Retain the CBD oil in mouth for 30-60s before swallowing
You can also try adding it to your favourite drinks! Warm drinks tend to work better but cold drinks work too. Please avoid adding it to acidic beverages though, as it may convert the CBD to unwanted substances.

Will CBD work for me?

Individuals with intrinsically high levels of endocannabinoids will have a stronger hit from CBD than from those who do not. It depends on the amount of endocannabinoids you have in your body, which depends on factors such as stress levels. In simpler terms, the more stressed you are, the more effective it is. It is for this very reason that we created the 5ml version with 500mg of CBD. This way, you do not have to commit excessive amount of money just to find out how well CBD works for you.

What to expect?

You should feel a subtle effect of calm and relaxation, before the effects mellow out over a span of roughly 45 mins. If you are one of the lucky few, you might even feel like you’ve taken 1-2 shots of vodka!

Onset of action (time it takes to feel the effects) for our CBD is generally fairly quick, within 5 mins upon following instructions.


It is generally impossible to overdose on CBD, despite this, it is advised to start with a lower dose before increasing the dosage

Despite ambiguous legal guidelines regarding CBD, it is advised to apply the laws pertaining to alcohol, to CBD as well (i.e. Avoid driving after consuming CBD). Consume CBD responsibly, and in case of any sudden or unexpected discomfort, seek professional help immediately.


Certificate of Analysis