Our Story

I suffered from insomnia due to stress with work. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis has somewhat helped but the results of my body check indicated that I should stop drinking excessively. A friend of mine recommended that I try out CBD instead. Personally, the effects were just as strong as alcohol*, but without the negative health implications – the perfect panacea.

After trying several brands, I realized that the efficacy of CBD varies tremendously. That was when I initiated my search for a CBD brand that is both reliable in efficacy and is reasonably priced. This was almost impossible to find as most of the products are not made in Hong Kong, leading to high markup costs.

My mission is to launch a Hong Kong-based CBD brand which is reliable in efficacy. I opted for a vertically-integrated CBD supplier to further lower costs and to ensure reliability. Crystalline CBD** in combination with premium olive oil resulted in RLX CBD. As the name suggests, I hope it will allow everyone to relax conveniently whenever they desire.

*effects will vary between individuals
**high quality CBD is in crystalline form (like fine sand), whereas low quality CBD is in powder form (like flour)


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